On the eve of the formation of Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA)

51 years preceded by centuries of dissolution, uncle Tom like behavior with spontaneous revolts finally saw the formation of a formidable people’s army. With the inspiration from the Nxele’s, bhambata’s,  and blessed with the blood of the 1960s victims POQO was formed and unluckily as a response to the brutal murder of our people in march 1960.

Today we celebrate APLA’s formation to revoke the spirits of the soldiers that faced their faith on the hands of the enemy. All of Phama’s work of the Great storm was erased by the disbanding of the armed struggle. 1991 -1994 marks a series of politically unclaimed and some undocumented victories. only APLA will tell of such victories or battles.
 I maintain that no politicians have the right to claim such victories except for many guerrillas languishing in south african jails forgotten by the same politicians. Today would have marked a milestone had it not have been for the CODESA and sunset clauses. All these victories will be thrown into the dustbin of history if we don’t reignite our strengths and claim back what is rightfully ours. I assume that you all know what needs to be done? What must be done? Must we make use of endless petitions, marches, protests, and sabotaging our townships? No. If there is any sabotage it should be at the airport, golf course, private hospitals, and the parliament. But that has to be followed by a thorough and scientific army training of our forces.

We would like to celebrate the returning of our soldiers with the experience of the battles of Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and the other countries that harbored our comrades. But how do we do that without testing such experience in our home soil? We however have some serious questions we need to ask ourselves. Are the current APLA cadres that integrated still loyal to the cause? Do we need to remind you that integration to SANDF should be about serving your people not the regime? Many times you will be ordered to kill your people like in Marikana, but you must fearlessly defy such orders for one reason, that you are loyal to the people and their god Qamata.

Marikana surely proves that what happened in Sharpville was not an act of god. It shows the depts of which the ANC would go to ensure that their tuff is protected. APLA should be there to provide security to the people, and most of all we should be there to advice people against not picking their battles. But in Sharpville and Marikana it has been proven that peaceful demonstration does not work. The oppressor and his uncle Tom seems to understand only one language, and that is violence. However I will warn everyone in attendance here today that anger, excitement, and spontaneity will take us to nowhere.

Let us revisit the reason as to why this army was formed? Has it achieved that? To undertake an all out attack to the oppression system scientifically. I refer to this as a system because I believe it warrants a systematic approach of destruction not creating avoidable bloodbath. All we need to do is to hit the system where it will hurt most, hit the system in its economy.

Most of all we need not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Gukurahundu “the year of the great storm” 1993. King Williams town golf course, to Heidelberg tavern. In October 5 children killed by the SADF.

If we are to proceed with our war we should wean ourselves of anger and excitement. War should be a scientific undertaking, which implies not only military training, but study of science, philosophy, and political science.

Today we should salute the spirit of victor Gqwetha, spirit of Ntlonze regiments, Quenstown train station, Langa, Sharpville, Vilaperi, knowing that we have betrayed their cause forgetting Africa.

By Sithemba Mandyoli


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